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Health Sciences E-Books

Getting Started

This guide describes how to discover health sciences e-books at UC Davis by using UC Library Search or browsing health science e-book collections hosted on publishers' platforms.

This guide also offers lists of selected health science e-books, selected by health sciences librarians and organized by discipline and/or specialty. These selected lists include just a small sample of available e-book titles on any given topic.

The UC Davis Library provides access to thousands of health sciences e-books. However, not all books are available online. Please check UC Library Search for print and e-books held at UC Davis Library, as well as books held at other UC Libraries. 

Refer to Off-Campus Access guidance to learn how to gain access to library-licensed e-books from on or off-campus.

Key Health Sciences E-Books

The following list includes some of the key e-books that are relevant to medical, nursing, and allied health care providers.