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UC Cooperative Extension/ANR Academics Services and Resources

Remote User Delivery & Borrowing

NEW ANR and/or UCCE employees:

ANR Advisors and UC Cooperative Extension staff are all eligible for full library services from the UC Davis Library. Please consult the remote services webpage to establish your account with the UCD Library.

Delivery of whole print items (books, conferences)

The UCD Library started a ship-to-home service during COVID time and is continuing this service.  ANR/CE staff have always been eligible to REQUEST print items be delivered to their Extension office location but can now use this direct-to-home shipping service if preferred. There is no fee for UCD faculty/staff/students for UCD Library delivery services.

See the Shipping service webpage for detailed information on how to make a shipping REQUEST to your home.

I need to keep my shipped item longer than expected - may I renew the item?

Absolutely!   Just “Sign In” on the top right corner of the UCD Library catalog’s main page, click on your name, and click on My Loans.  “Faculty and staff are given unlimited renewals of UC Davis-owned material while most others may renew materials up to a maximum loan period of one year.”

How do I return my shipped item?

Contact for instructions for mailing back your resource and to receive a postage-paid mailing label.  Please note that some Extension Offices may provide mailing service to the UC Davis campus.

Digitization Service

UCCE/ANR staff should first search literature databases to find articles, book chapters, extension reports, technical reports and more that they need.   After clicking on the “Get it at UC” link, you may discover that there is no electronic copy but that the UC Davis Library *does* have a print version of your journal, book, or report.   If the item you need is less than 50 pages, make sure you ”Sign In” and you can click on the UCD Digitization option to receive a scanned copy sent to your email.  There is no fee for UCD faculty/staff/students for digitizing/scanning services.

Borrowing/Getting Copies not at the UC Davis Library (Interlibrary Loan)

If an item at UC Davis Library is checked out or, when using the “Get it at UC” link, you discover that the UC Davis Library does not have the item, you may ask for either the entire work to be sent from another UC library (or from beyond the UC system) or that a scan/digital copy may be sent from beyond the UC Davis Library system.   There is rarely a fee for UC Davis faculty/staff/students for Interlibrary Loan.   If you need a dissertation or thesis from a university outside the University of California libraries, consult your appropriate UC Davis librarian contact to see if the item can be purchased for the UC Davis Library collection with no charge to you.

Check the Interlibrary Loan policies for details on Interlibrary Loans.