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UC Cooperative Extension/ANR Academics Services and Resources

Special Agriculture Collections

Below are links to online collections of information resources in agriculture and related fields, including digitized UC Cooperative Extension publications.

California Agricultural Experiment Station Publications

The following CAES publications have been digitized, and can be found in the catalog of the UC Davis Library

  • Bulletin
  • Circular
  • Extension Service Circular
  • Lithoprint
  • Manual
  • Publications in Agricultural Sciences
Please note:

Each volume is cataloged separately. To find everything in the series, choose the “Advanced Search” option, and enter the publication name as the phrase {California Agricultural Experiment Station}

collection of CAES publications is also available in the Internet Archive. It contains:

  • Bulletin series - 1884 to 1983.
  • Circular - Published from 1903-1974, Circulars are the third series produced by the California Agricultural Experiment Station.  It was intended for distribution only as called for by those specially interested in the subjects embraced in them. From 1921-1951 the Circular was supplemented by the Extension Circular, which was subsequently absorbed by Circular to become the California Agricultural Experiment Station Extension Service, Circular.