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Searching in a library catalog requires looking for broader topics such as soil amendment or dairy cattle genetics rather than the more specific biochar soil amendment for semi-arid regions or dairy cattle breeding for longevity.

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Library of Congress Classification Outline


  • QP  Physiology
    • QP 140s  Nutrition


  • RM214-258  Diet therapy. Dietary cookbooks
  • RM259  Vitamin therapy


  • S    subclass  Agriculture (General)

    • S671-760.5. Farm Machinery & Farm Engineering

  • SB subclass   Plant culture
  • SD subclass   Forestry
  • SF subclass   Animal culture
    • SF94.5-99  Feeds and feeding. Animal nutrition
  • SH subclass   Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling 


  • TP subclass  Chemical Technology
    • TP370s  Food Engineering & Technology
  • TX subclass  Home Economics
    • TX1-1110  Home economics
    • TX341-641  Nutrition. Foods and food supply
    • TX642-840  Cooking (incl. cookbooks)
Please Note:  

Clinical Nutrition materials may also be located at the Blaisdell Medical Library (BML) located at the UC Davis Medical Center. This library uses the National Library of Medicine Classification system for classifying the collection.

  • WB 400  Dietetics. Diet therapy. Nutrition therapy

Classify works on diets to be used with particular diseases with the disease. Classify works on normal dietary practice in QT 235. Classify works on nutrition and food values in QU 145-145.5. Classify works on diet or nutrition therapy in children in WS 115-132; in the aged WT 115.

See the WB classification guide for a more detailed breakdown of these nutritional and diet therapy areas.

Access eBooks via major agricultural publisher collections:

Below is a list of electronic book collections with content in agriculture.

Tip: Some titles appear in the E-book databases before they are added to the library catalog. In some cases, searching in an E-book database, rather than the library catalog, will allow you to search within chapters or throughout the entire full text.

NOTE:  The excellent newer agricultural publisher, Burleigh Dodds, is available via the Taylor & Francis eBooks collection.  In addition, Taylor & Francis incorporates the extensive AGRICULTUREnetBASE collection.

Access eBooks via major publisher collections: