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Research Grants

The LAUC-Davis Research and Professional Activities Committee (RPAC) supports UC Davis librarian research by awarding three types of grants to members of LAUC-D on a rolling basis throughout the fiscal year (July 1-mid June of following year). These grants allow UC Davis librarians a unique opportunity to engage in scholarly research and creative activity that enhances our contributions to the University and our profession.

In addition to these local LAUC-D grants, LAUC-D members are invited to apply for state-wide LAUC Research funds which are administered by the LAUC Research & Professional Development Committee (R&PD).

PLEASE NOTE:   If you do not receive an email acknowledgement of receipt of your grant application within two working days, please resend application to the RPAC chair and copy the vice-chair as well.

LAUC-D Research Grant

The criteria for LAUC-D Research Grants and the application procedures are identical to those for state-wide LAUC Research grants. See the Research application form for more information.

The LAUC-D Research and Professional Activities Committee prioritizes funding a number of projects by preferring applications that request smaller grants. Average grants have, in the past, ranged from $500 to $2500. Larger grants are more appropriate for state-wide LAUC R&PD funding.  The local committee will work with individuals to prepare statewide applications, and keeps a file of successful applications from years past. Please contact the Research and Professional Activities Committee chair for more information.

Please submit an electronic copy of your completed proposal to the Research Committee chair. To give the committee time to read and carefully consider proposals, applicants should allow one to two weeks for a response. The committee may ask for revisions or for more information.

LAUC-D Mini-Grants

Mini-grants for amounts up to $500.00 are available through the LAUC-D Research Committee. The formal proposal is not necessary for a mini-grant, but use the guidelines below to help you prepare a request.

LAUC-D Presentation Grants

Presentation Grants are awarded specifically to fund the cost of presenting completed research-areas not normally covered by the Research Grant. These costs include, but are not limited to: travel to present a paper based on a librarian’s professional research; and/or costs associated with publication of either an article or book. Presentation grants are a lower priority for the committee than either Research or Mini-Grants. Therefore, they may not receive funding, or may be only partially funded in any given year if, in the committee’s judgment, awarding these grants would limit its ability to fund research. As with the mini-grant, a formal proposal is not necessary; the guidelines (below) will help you prepare a request.

LAUC-D Mini Grants and Presentation Grants do not require a formal application, but the following information is required:

A. Summary and current status of the research project/activity.

B. Description of and timetable for the activities to be funded by the Presentation or Mini-Grant.  If release time is required, please have that line signed by your department head or supervisor.

C. Summary of budget.  There should be one line for each item in the budget.

D. Indicate whether the applicant is a member of the bargaining unit represented by the UC-AFT (applicant may be a member of the bargaining unit and not be a member of the union) or a non-represented librarian.

Applications for Presentation Grants to fund travel to conferences should also include:

E. Title and Abstract of the paper accepted for presentation.

F. Name and sponsoring organization(s) (if applicable) of the conference.

G. Also, please indicate if funds have been requested from other sources.

For more information or to apply for a LAUC-D Research, Presentation, or Mini- Grant, contact the LAUC-D Research Committee Chair.