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Research & Professional Activities Committee (RPAC)

The Research and Professional Activities Committee (RPAC) encourages research by librarians and administers the research grants. Committee members are available for consultation with librarians interested in applying for funding and preparing research proposals. LAUC-D research funds are awarded on a competitive basis throughout the fiscal year by RPAC.

To learn more about or apply for LAUC and LAUC-D research funding see: Research Grants

Committee Roster
Cory Craig, Chair & LAUC-D Executive Board Member 2023-2025
Melissa Browne, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
     Chair & LAUC-D Executive Board Member
Christine Cheng, Member-at-Large 2023-2024


Annual Reports  (archival location and links forthcoming)

LAUC-D Grants Awarded  (archival location and links forthcoming)