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Library Review Procedures and Documentation

NOTE: Many links in this guide require University Google Account access.


Explanations and Guidance

  • CAPA Recommended Practices for Candidates
    • Read through this guide as the first step in preparing for your review. It provides a comprehensive overview of the process, explains the steps candidates take, the documentation they need to provide, and more.  (It was written with University Library procedures in mind but may also be helpful for Law Librarians.)


Reviews require that librarians complete several different forms and provide several documents.

  • Advancement Review Forms
    • Supervisor/Lead Solicitation Form
    • Disqualification Statement Form
    • Reference Solicitation Form
    • Review Initiator’s Letter of Recommendation
    • Documentation Checklist and Certification Statement (one form)


MIV is the confidential document-sharing platform used for University Academic Personnel Reviews. Librarians use only a few components for their reviews.

  • LIBRARIANS UPLOAD THE FOLLOWING INTO MIV. Other forms are uploaded by administrative personnel.
    • Statements of Responsibility
      • Librarians can access their own SoR folder by logging into Google Drive selecting “Shared with me” on the left side navigation menu, and locating their SoR folder which will mirror the following format: “Last Name, First Name, – SoRs.”
    • Personal Statement
      • There is no specific form or format for this optional, but strongly recommended overview of your work during the review period, but the Recommended Practices and Draft Framework linked above can provide guidance.
    • Librarian Summary of Work
      • This is a chronological, annotated list of your work in the four areas (criteria) in which librarians are evaluated. A single form should be used to cover the entire review period.
    • Any supporting documentation the librarian wishes to provide.
      • A cover sheet listing the contents is advised.

Governing Documents

Review procedures, evaluation criteria and their associated merit and promotion actions are derived from the following:

  • UC-AFT UNIT 17 Memorandum of Understanding
    • This is the contract between the union representing the non-managerial members of the Librarians’ Series and the University of California. Most pertinent to reviews are:
      • Article 4 (Definition, Criteria, Terms of Service for Appointment, Merit Increase, Promotion and Career Status
      • Article 5 (Personnel Review Action Procedure)
    • Lightly annotated versions of these two articles clarify a few local procedures for reviews conducted within the University Library.
  • Academic Personnel Manual Sections 360 and 210-4
    • APM 360 (Appointment and Promotion in the Librarian Series) and APM 210-4 (Instructions to Review Committees) are the analogous governing documents for non-represented employees in the Librarians Series.
  • Salary Scales for Represented and Non-Represented Librarians are in Tables 26A and 26B on the UCOP Academic Salary Scales Page.