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Citation Styles

CSE Overview

CSE style is commonly used in the sciences. The first edition of the style manual was published in 1960 by the Council of Biology Editors (renamed the Council of Science Editors in 2000).

CSE style offers three options for in text documentation:

1. (Author-Year) parenthetical citations within a paper to indicate paraphased, summarized or quoted material.

2. Citation-Sequence with superscript numbers to designate paraphrased, summarized, or quoted material, which correspond to numbered (nonalphabetized) entries in the references list at the end of a paper.

3. Citation-Author is based on alphabetized, numbered references at the end of a paper. The corresponding in text citations are designated by superscript numbers.

The organization of the References list at the end of the paper varies, depending on which in text documentation method the writer follows.

CSE Style Manual

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