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WFC 50: Natural History of California Wild Vertebrates

Avoiding Plagiarism & Citation Guides


Below are some useful avoiding plagiarism videos:

Every quarter, the UCD Library offers 1-2 classes on Giving Credit Where Credit is Due (Avoiding Plagiarism).  Locate upcoming classes from the UC Davis Library Events & Workshops page.


Citations (or sometimes called references) are essential to creating bibliographies/reference lists, or footnotes, or in-text references.  The University of Missouri Libraries provide a helpful webpage on the Anatomy of a Citation .  Consult the Citation Styles webpage to learn about disciplinary-wide styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, CSE etc. 

Consult the following Citation Management Tools webpage to determine which citation manager you should use to organize and automatically format your bibliographies as well as store publication PDFs. Below are guides to four popular free (or free to UC Davis affiliates) citation management products: EndNote Online (UC Davis), Mendeley (free access), Sciwheel (UC Davis), Zotero (free access).