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WFC 50: Natural History of California Wild Vertebrates


All Journals (that UC Davis subscribes to):

Use UC Library Search: UC Davis Library Catalog setting (new as of July 2021; now includes the UC Davis Law Library) to find which journals we subscribe to, either online or in print.

Online subscriptions: the catalog will give the link.  NOTE: we often get online content for different years from different sources, Read the fine print.
Print subscriptions: the catalog will give you the call number, location, and indicate whether or not it is checked out.

Journals A-Z List:

Lists journals that UC Davis has either an online or print subscription to. (NOTE that this list is not comprehensive)

California Department of Fish & Wildlife (CA DFW) publications

The quarterly California Fish and Wildlife Journal is an excellent resource for locating information on vertebrate wildlife.   NOTE the original agency name through 2019 was the California Department of Fish & Game - the journal reflected the same name until 2020.  This is the research publication for CA DFW.

The bi-monthly Outdoor California magazine is a general publication with selected information on wildlife. Noted as the Official California Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Magazine.  “Each issue offers California at its best—compelling stories on the state's native species and habitat, presented with page after page of beautiful photographs. All of this plus the Thin Green Line, which chronicles California's war against poachers! … Always filled with vivid color photography and in-depth articles featuring outdoor adventures and the status of the state's wondrous living resources.”

BrowZine: Licensed journal issues browsing tool

Journal Rankings and Impact Factors

Reviews Publications

Typical review series may have the following words in their title: Advances in … ; Annual Review of …; Critical Reviews in … ; Current Opinion in … ; Expert Reviews in … ; International Review of … ; Progress in … ; Trends in …

Google Scholar

You can use Google Scholar to search for journals (or articles).  Google has no way of telling you which online journals UC Davis subscribes to, unless you set your Google Scholar preferences to show Get it at UC.

Google Scholar:  How do you actually GET the articles?

On-Campus:    You should be able to access any online journal that UC Davis subscribes to.
Off-Campus:    You must install the VPN client first, to access online journals UC Davis subscribes to.

No UC Davis Online Subscription?:  We may have a print subscription.  Check the UC Library Search.  If we do not have a print or online subscription, you can request articles through Interlibrary Loan.