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ECH/EMS 200 - Chemical Engineering/Materials Science Engineering

Career Information

The U.S. Government Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes a comprehensive resource on career opportunities and statistics titled Occupational Outlook Handbook.   See the link below for sections on “chemical engineers” and “chemists and materials scientists” and also on “materials engineers”.

Shields has selected print and online resources for those interested in engineering careers as well as more general resources on careers in science such as the two books listed on your Syllabus.   See the next section below these two books for search tips using Library of Congress Subject Headings.

The Library of Congress Subject Heading list (LCSH) has a useful subheading for career information:  vocational guidance.

You can use any broad career area and combine it as follows to find books on careers in STEM areas, e.g.:

     Subject:   science   AND  Subject:  vocational    

     Subject:   engineering   AND  Subject:  vocational