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ECH/EMS 200 - Chemical Engineering/Materials Science Engineering

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Searching in a library catalog requires looking for broader topics such as catalysis engineering or lignocellulosic fiber composites rather than the more specific metal-catalysed hydrogenation of CO2 into methanol or structure of oxidized lignocellulosic fiber composites.

PLEASE NOTE:   Shields Library is now the only UCD Library building left on the UCD campus and now includes ALL sciences print collections except clinical medicine.  

With the permanent closure of the Physical Sciences and Engineering Library during COVID time, all chemical engineering/materials science print books and other materials have been re-located to four locations:  Shields Library sciences 3rd floor;  Shields Library 2nd floor Reference collection (REFERENCE titles); temporary storage (at the former Carlson Health Sciences Library); or the Northern UC libraries storage facility, NRLF (Northern Regional Library Facility).    The UCD Library Catalog notes which of these four locations your print materials science publications may be found at.  

The Carlson Health Sciences Library permanently closed in June 2022 and print-only materials in that collection which overlap with engineering areas will be transferred to either Shields Library or to the NRLF.   Any materials located still at the former Carlson Health Sciences Library will have the location note of TEMPORARY STORAGE.

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Subclass TA  Engineering (General). Civil Engineering (General).

     TA 401-492  Materials of Engineering and Construction. Mechanics of Material

Note that materials science publications may also be classified by the type of material under chemical technology (TP) or by type of chemistry discipline (QD).

TP subclass  Chemical Technology

TP1-1185  Chemical technology

     TP155-156  Chemical engineering

     TP200-248  Chemicals: Manufacture, use, etc.

     TP248.13-248.65  Biotechnology

     TP250-261  Industrial electrochemistry

     TP267.5-301  Explosives and pyrotechnics

     TP315-360  Fuel

     TP368-456  Food processing and manufacture

     TP480-498  Low temperature engineering. Cryogenic engineering. Refrigeration

     TP500-660  Fermentation industries. Beverages. Alcohol

     TP670-699  Oils, fats, and waxes

          TP690-692.5  Petroleum refining. Petroleum products

     TP700-746  Illuminating industries (Nonelectric)

     TP751-762  Gas industry

     TP785-869  Clay industries. Ceramics. Glass

     TP875-888  Cement industries

     TP890-933  Textile bleaching, dyeing, printing, etc.

     TP934-945  Paints, pigments, varnishes, etc.

     TP1080-1185  Polymers and polymer manufacture



Subclass QD - Chemistry

QD1-999  Chemistry

QD1-65  Chemistry, General - Including alchemy

QD71-142  Analytical chemistry

QD146-197  Inorganic chemistry

QD241-441  Organic chemistry

     QD415-436  Biochemistry

QD450-801  Physical and theoretical chemistry

     QD625-655  Radiation chemistry

     QD701-731  Photochemistry

QD901-999  Crystallography

Specialized Science Book Series

For extensive lists of Specialized Book Series, scroll down to these sections on the Books/e-Books pages from the two subject guides crossing the disciplines for this class.   Note that there will be some duplication across these lists:

Chemical Engineering Subject Guide:  Books/e-Books

Materials Science Subject Guide:  Books/e-Books

Access eBooks via major publisher collections: