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Key Resources for Microbiology

Below are key resources to get you started in locating microbiology literature and its related fields. These resources cover extensive literature from food microbiology, medical microbiology, plant microbiology, soil microbiology to veterinary microbiology.   Microscopic organisms covered range from bacteria, archaea, viruses, prions, fungi, yeast, algae, plankton, diatoms, and more.

Please note:  

Comprehensive searching in Microbiology requires consulting a variety of resources which are listed in the Databases section. Since microbiology is comprised of many distinct areas, you should also explore Related Subject Guides.

Key Databases

Search BIOSIS Previews for information about the basic aspects of microbes including: anatomy and physiology, biotechnology, ecology, genetics, molecular biology, reproduction, and taxonomy and systematics.

Search PubMed for literature concerning microbes that cause disease, their transmission, epidemiology, and therapy for the diseases caused whether in humans or other animals.

Search CAB Abstracts for soil microbiology, plant diseases caused by microbes, and food microbiology.

Search FSTA for literature on food microbiology after food is harvested including during processing, packaging, and other post-harvest technology activities.