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Medical Education Research Resources


Here are tips and tools for finding medical education research in the journal literature. as well as guidance about how to select a journal for publication.

To identify both print and online journal holdings at UC Davis Library, consult the journal search feature of the UC Davis online library catalog, UCD Library Journal Search.  

To learn about how to access full-text articles, see Getting Full-Text Articles.

Browse Selected Medical Education Journals

Article Collections from Medical Teacher

AMEE and BEME Guides provide valuable overviews on a variety of medical education topics published periodically in the medical education journal, Medical Teacher.  In addition, Twelve Tips articles are published regularly on specific medical education topics.

(AMEE = International Association for Health Professions Education; BEME = Best Evidence Medical and Health Professional Education)

Journal Selection Guidance for Authors

Seeking advice on where to publish your medical education research-related manuscript? Explore the annotated lists of medical education scholarly journals below.

Also, check out information about Open-Access Publishing Support at UC Davis as well as tools and guidance on journal selection in the Selecting a Journal for Publication Guide from Bernard Becker Medical Library at Washington University in St. Louis.