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Environmental Toxicology

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Searching in a library catalog requires looking for broader topics such as mercury toxicity or ecotoxicology of insects  rather than the more specific mercury toxicity in anadromous fish  or ecotoxicology of pesticides on honeybees

Browse UCD Library Catalog via the Library of Congress Subject Heading (LCSH) environmental toxicology .

For an excellent, authoritative introduction to environmental toxicology, consult this 2019 open online textbook which is being continuously updated Environmental Toxicology .   This open online text covers "the field in its full width, including aspects of environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology, toxicology and risk assessment, ...   [the text provides] :fundamental insights on fate and effects of chemicals ... effect assessment and molecular analysis of mechanisms causing toxicity."  The six chapters are:  environmental toxicology introduction; environmental chemistry and chemicals; environmental chemistry, from fate to exposure; toxicology; population, community and ecosystem ecotoxicology; and risk assessment and regulation.

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Environmental Toxicology is a highly interdisciplinary research area with publications located in all areas of science, technology and medicine.


QH subclass  Natural History
    QH 545 .A1  Ecology - general texts on ecosystem toxicology


RA subclass Public Health

    RA 565-566  Environmental Health (as related to pollution)

    RA 1190-1270 Toxicology. Poisons


SB subclass  Plant Culture

    SB 950.9-970.4  Pesticides (incl. toxicology)


TD subclass  Environmental Technology.

    TD 172-193.5 Environmental Pollution

    TD 419-428  Water Pollution

    TD 878-894  Special types of environment incl. soil & air pollution

    TD 1020-1066  Hazardous substances

The US Government provides many publications relevant to environmental toxicology particularly through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Some of these materials may be located in a closed area for government documents and so designated buy a call number which starts with the label DOC.  Many of the EPA ETOX publications are filed under DOC EP 1.2: …  If you need materials from this closed collection, please go to the Shields Circulation Desk and provide your call number for the material to be retrieved for you to check-out.

PLEASE NOTE:  Carlson Health Sciences Library (CHSL) publications in the environmental toxicology are classified using the National Library of Medicine classification system.   Titles may be found in the QV 600s (Pharmacology/General Toxicology) or WA (Public Health) classes.   CHSL is scheduled to be closed after June 10, 2022. Current/high-use materials will eventually be shifted to Shields Library and publications will be reclassified into the Library of Congress classification system.  USE the REQUEST feature from the UCD Library Catalog to ask for delivery or scanning of materials from the Carlson Health Sciences Library.


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