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Research Data Management

Research Data Management

Why Manage Data?

Research Data Management refers to the practice of organizing, storing, preserving, and sharing research data. Managing research data has become an integral part of the research process as researchers, funders, and academic institutions seek to make their research more transparent, findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable.

Best Practices in Research Data Management: Making Data F.A.I.R.E.R.

Research communities, funding agencies and sponsors, and research journals all have a stake in making research data:

  • Findable: Data is easily discoverable
  • Accessible: Data is openly available with minimal restrictions
  • Interoperable: Data is structured for seamless integration
  • Reusable: Data is well-documented and can be effectively reused
  • Ethical: Data management aligns with ethical considerations
  • Reliable: Data is trustworthy and of high quality