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LAUC-D Mentorship Program

The LAUC-D Mentorship program exists to:

  • provide a range of mentoring options for LAUC-D members
  • help new LAUC-D members acclimate and thrive at UC Davis
  • allow LAUC-D members to share expertise, experience, knowledge, and support

Program basics are explained below, additional info is provided in the LAUC-D Mentorship Program Description and Guidelines document.

How It Works

The LAUC-D mentorship program uses two linked Google documents to create profiles and make profile information available to individuals seeking mentors.  

Be a Mentor:  
Librarians willing to be mentors, please use this form to
Create Your Profile  

Find a Mentor:  
Librarians who wish to find a mentor: use this google doc to
View Mentor Profiles and Find a Mentor

Information in the “Create Your Profile” Google form is dynamically linked/displayed in the “Find A Mentor” Google spreadsheet. Librarians who create profiles can revise or delete the information in the “Find A Mentor” Google Spreadsheet at any time.
Both documents are open on the web.  All LAUC-D members have the ability to browse profiles and contact a potential mentor with formal and informal queries and questions. 

Management of the Program


  • Melinda Livas (yay!) has taken the lead on administering the program for the immediate future.
  • The LAUC-D Executive Board is currently working out a method for on-going management of the program (likely to involve PIC).
  • The mentorship program was designed to work with minimal oversight.  
  • All LAUC-D members are welcome to contact potential mentors on their own if they wish to.

Ideas & Future Options

  • Reverse Mentoring: recently hired UCD librarians often arrive on campus with unique and valuable insights.  Creating opportunities for reverse-mentoring could allow recently hired LAUC-D members to share their unique perspective on UCD Libraries.
  • Opportunities for reverse-mentoring could include:  a survey of newer librarians, panel discussions, brown-bags, lightening talks, etc.
  • Ideally, these opportunities would be provided in a timeframe that recognizes that: new hires need time to get up-to-speed and acclimated; the fresh perspective we are seeking won’t last forever.