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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Citing the Biological or Agricultural Engineering Literature

Engineering:  IEEE Citation Reference    5 page PDF
Short & efficient guide to IEEE/engineering citation format.

Engineering:  IEEE Editorial Style Manual    54 page PDF
Citation formats and editorial guidelines for IEEE Transactions, Journals, and Letters.  Includes abbreviations for IEEE publications.

ACS Style Guide, Chapter 14:
American Chemical Society (ACS) guidelines for citations of all types. See Table 14-2 (pgs 292-293) for common types of references with examples.

ACS Style Guide   An important reference for all chemists. In addition to providing citation guidelines, the ACS Style Guide includes chapters on:

  • Ethics in Scientific Publication
  • Writing Style and Word Usage
  • Peer Review
  • Copyright Basics
  • Electronic Submission of Manuscripts
  • conventions for forumulas, elements, substances, tables, etc.

Print: Reference: QD8.5 A25 [YEAR]

CASSI Journal Abbreviations:
Use to look up journal abbreviations used in chemistry.