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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Getting Started: Key Resources for Biological and Agricultural Engineering

This Biological & Agricultural Engineering guide provides links to key information resources and a variety of content including articles, data, e-books, as well as encyclopedias and handbooks. Biological and agricultural engineering literature can be found via the resources/tools recommended on a variety of topics from:  anaerobic bioreactors, animal feed systems, aquacultural production systems, biofilms, biological membranes, biomass, crop production, dehydration systems, fermentation, food engineering (all aspects), forest products, heaters and heating, imaging, irrigation, kinetics, mass transfer, nanoscale, osmosis, packaging, precision agriculture, pulsed electric fields, refrigeration, rheology, sensors, soil, sterilization, thermal processes, ultrasound, waste & wastewater, and much more.

Below are key resources to get you started in locating biological and agricultural engineering literature.

PLEASE NOTE:  Comprehensive literature searching in Biological and Agricultural Engineering requires consulting a variety of resources which are listed in the Databases section below. Since biological and agricultural engineering is comprised of many distinct areas, you should also explore Related Subject Guides.