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Animal Science & Wildlife Biology

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Searching in a library catalog requires looking for broader topics such as animal genetics or mammal behavior rather than the more specific metapopulation gene flow or cheetah mate selection.

UC Davis theses and dissertations by graduates of either Animal Science, Animal Biology, or Wildlife graduate researchers may be found by searching the following subject headings:  

Dissertations, Academic — University of California, Davis — Animal Biology

OR Dissertations, Academic — University of California, Davis — Animal Science

OR Dissertations, Academic — University of California, Davis — Avian Sciences

OR Dissertations, Academic — University of California, Davis  combined with ANY FIELD search term wildlife*

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HV subclass  Social pathology. Social and public welfare. Criminology

     HV 4701-4890.9   Protection of Animals. Animal Rights. Animal Welfare

     HV4905-4959   Animal Experimentation. Animal Vivisection


QH subclass  Natural History
    QH359-425     Evolution  
    QH540-549.5  Ecology

QK subclass   Botany

     QK 926  Pollination biology including insects as pollinators

QL subclass   Zoology

     QL1-355   Zoology General, Including geographical distribution
     QL360-599.82   Invertebrates

          QL 461 - QL 599.82  Insects 

          QL 568   Honeybees and pollination biology

     QL605-739.8   Chordates. Vertebrates

          QL614-639.8  Fishes

          QL640-669.3  Reptiles and Amphibians

          QL671-699  Birds

          QL700-739.8   Mammals

     QL750-795  Animal Behavior

          QL791-795  Anim Behav - Stories & anecdotes

     QL799-799.5  Morphology

     QL801-950.9  Anatomy

     QL951-991     Embryology


SB subclass   Plant culture
     SB 818 – SB 945  Insects as plant pests

SF subclass   Animal culture

     SF94.5-99  Feeds & Feeding. Animal Nutrition

     SF105-109  Breeding & Breeds

     SF191-275  Cattle

     SF277-360.4  Horses

     SF361-361.73 Donkeys

     SF362  Mules

     SF371-379  Sheep. Wool

     SF380-388  Goats

     SF391-397.83  Swine

     SF405.5-407  Laboratory Animals

     SF408-408.6  Zoo animals

     SF411-459  Pets

          SF421-440.2  Dogs

          SF441-450  Cats

          SF451-455  Rabbits and Hares

          SF456-458.83   Fish. Aquariums

     SF481-507  Poultry. Eggs

     SF508-510.6  Game Birds

     SF511-511.5  Ostriches

     SF515-515.5  Reptiles

     SF 518   Insect rearing

     SF 521 – SF 539.8   Bees and Bee culture (Apiculture)

     SF 541 - SF 560   Sericulture. Silkworm culture

     SF600-1100  Veterinary Medicine  PLEASE NOTE: with the closure of the Carlson Health Sciences Library in June 2022, print-only Veterinary Medicine publications that are high-use, core titles, reference materials and serials titles will be moved to appropriate locations in Shields Library over 2022-2023.


Fisheries management and Aquaculture resources are in a separate designated Agriculture subclass

SH Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling

    SH 20.3-191  Aquaculture

    SH 201-399  Fisheries

    SH 401-691  Angling

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