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Animal Science & Wildlife Biology

Key Resources for Animal Science & Wildlife Biology

This guide lists resources related to animal science (domesticated animals) and wildlife biology which are useful for locating literature across a range of topics including:  anatomy and physiology, behavior, breeding and reproduction, ecology, genetics, molecular biology, systematics and taxonomy, and more.

Below are key resources to get you started in locating animal science or wildlife biology literature.

Please note:  

Comprehensive literature searching in Animal Science & Wildlife Biology requires consulting a variety of resources which are listed in the Databases section below. Since animal science or wildlife biology is comprised of many distinct areas, you should also explore Related Subject Guides.

Search BIOSIS Previews or Zoological Record for the basic biology of any animal including: anatomy and physiology, behavior, ecology, genetics, molecular biology, nutrition and feeding, reproduction, and taxonomy and systematics.   NOTE:  Zoological Record is an essential database for taxonomy, systematics, and new species records.  Zoological Record is the first database to search for wildlife, particularly rare and endangered species.

Search CAB Abstracts for livestock, poultry and any animal that is essential to agriculture or any animal that is a pest in agriculture including methods of biocontrol of pests.  CAB Abstracts is also a core database for Veterinary Medicine.

All life sciences subject databases will have taxonomic searching features available for searching by various taxa groups such as kingdoms or orders or families.