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PLS 100C: Environmental Interactions of Cultivated Plants

How to Access the Full Text of an Article

"Get it at UC" Button

Most databases provide a description of articles and other resources to help you find what you need by searching through the indexed literature within their website. Included as part of the item record is the “Get it at UC”  button. Clicking this button will direct you to a copy of the full text of the article. 

Interlibrary Loan Request

If we do not own a journal or book, you can submit an interlibrary loan (ILL) request to have the book or article (e)mailed to you for free from another UC library. Learn more about how to request books or articles.

Finding Articles in the Library's Subject Databases

Subject databases are collections of searchable electronic records that can be used as an efficient way to find credible resources on a theme, like agriculture or the plant sciences.

Many of these databases use their own set of terms to index articles, which you can use in a subject search. You can use Subject Headers to find articles on a theme even if they do not contain the same Keywords (ex. phytoremediation–encompasses plant-based bioremediation, phytoextraction and/or rhizofiltration).

How to Choose a Database

In deciding which database(s) to use, it is helpful to note:

  • What: What can I find in the database? (e.g. articles, conference proceedings, data)
  • When: When does coverage begin? How well is historical literature covered? Does it include articles published in the last year?
  • Where: What is the geographical scope of the coverage? Does that match your research interest?

Recommended Subject Databases: