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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Why use OER?

One of the driving factors for adopting OER, such as open textbooks, is they are free. Resources that are free and immediately accessible to all students on their first day of class are essential to promoting educational equity and lifelong learning. But cost savings is not the only benefit of using OER!

Creative Commons licensing also allows instructors to edit, revise and adapt content to provide their students with more culturally relevant, topical, and dynamic content. Using Creative Commons licensing also makes it easier to share learning materials amongst colleagues and engage students to participate in the content creation process.

Reasons to adopt OER include free and immediate first day access to all course materials, the ability to revise and remix customizable content for instructional needs and the ability to easily create and share resources

  • Reduce education costs by providing course content that is freely accessible to students on day one of class.
  • Enable customization of course materials by revising openly licensed content to better align with learning objectives or to provide a more culturally relevant curriculum.
  • Reduce faculty preparation time by using openly licensed instructor materials, including assignments, quiz banks, and homework platforms.
  • Facilitate collaboration by working with students to create your own open educational resources.

Scholarship on Open Educational Resources