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Open Educational Resources (OER)

stack of books behind an open laptop

Open Educational Resources are free teaching materials that are licensed to allow for revision and reuse. 

This guide includes basic information about Open Educational Resources (OER), highlighting platforms, collections, and repositories that host openly licensed educational materials to help you discover OER content.

Library experts can assist instructors with finding, evaluating, and using OER. We provide consultations with instructors on developing strategies to identify learning materials that support their teaching style and course learning outcomes, as well as navigating copyright and open licensing.

We also host OER Discovery workshops where instructors can learn more about the spectrum of openly licensed learning materials and begin exploring available OER in their field.


The UC Davis Library can help instructors:
  • Find free, openly licensed course materials, including textbooks, streaming media, assessment tools, and dynamic content.
  • Author openly licensed course materials and textbooks using Creative Commons licenses.
  • Foster student engagement in creating openly licensed educational resources.



Email with questions about OER or to schedule a consultation related to using or creating openly licensed course materials.

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