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NUT 120AN: Nutritional Anthropology


Search for print and ebooks:

Shields Library uses the Library of Congress (LC) Classification system with nutrition-related titles in the following call number areas:  Nutrition overall  QP 140s ; Food as Therapy/Diet Therapy  RM 210s-220s ;  Food/Cooking & Nutrition  TX 350s-360s

The UCD Libraries comprehensively buys materials on food culture and nutritional anthropology.  Browsable Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) that bring up these types of publications include:

Food — Cross-cultural Studies OR   Food — Social Aspects 

Food Consumption — Cross-cultural Studies

Food Habits — Cross-cultural Studies  OR Food Habits — United States 

Food preferences — United States   <<  change out United States with another country name

Indians of North America — Food

Nutrition — Cross-cultural studies

Nutritional Anthropology

For information on your country, here are some useful LCSH search tactics:  use Ethnology —  [your country name]  or   [your country name]  — Social Life and Customs

If there are no specific food books just for your country, consider the following:

* Look for a larger regional area that your country fits in, e.g. Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and use that combined with a very broad search for food, e.g. food* OR cook* OR cuisin* OR eating OR dining

* Change to a literature database and look for articles on your country and food.

BONUS HELP!! Public speaking not your thing?  The UCD Library selectively buys books on making presentations/public speaking for scientists.   Link out to this UCD Library Catalog search to see these online books that the library has access to.

Access eBooks online via the databases:

The following eBook collections are useful in searching the entire online text of books for specific chapters or book sections on your paper topics.