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Searching in a library catalog requires looking for broader topics such as stream flow modelling or aquifer recharge rather than the more specific AI models of stream flow forecasting  or California aquifers artificial recharge.

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CLASS G - Geography

GB subclass  Physical Geography

GB651-2998  Hydrology. Water

     GB980-2998  Ground and surface waters

        GB980-992  Watersheds. Runoff. Drainage

        GB1001-1199.8  Groundwater. Hydrogeology

        GB1201-1598  Rivers. Stream measurements

        GB1601-2398  Lakes. Limnology. Ponds. Lagoons

        GB2401-2598  Ice. Glaciers. Ice sheets. Sea ice

        GB2601-2798  Snow. Snow surveys

        GB2801-2998  Hydrometeorology


CLASS H - Social Sciences

HD subclass  Industries. Land Use. Labor

     HD1690s  Water Resources Development

     HD1711-1741  Irrigation


CLASS T - Technology

TC subclass  Hydraulic Engineering

     TC401-506  River, lake, and water-supply engineering (General)

     TC530-537  River protective works. Regulation. Flood control

     TC540-558  Dams. Barrages

     TC601-791  Canals and inland navigation. Waterways

     TC801-978  Irrigation engineering. Reclamation of wasteland. Drainage

TD subclass  Environmental Technology

     TD201-500  Water supply for domestic and industrial purposes

        TD419-428  Water pollution

        TD429.5-480.7  Water purification. Water treatment and conditioning. Saline water conversion

        TD481-493  Water distribution systems

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