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“Get it at UC”: How to Access a Publication

"Get it at UC" Button

Get it at UC icon Databases provide a description of articles and other publications to help you find what you need by searching through the indexed literature within the database. Most databases include, as part of the item record, the “Get it at UC”  button. Clicking this button will direct you to options to locate this publication. 

Interlibrary Loan Request

If we do not own a journal or other publication, you can submit an interlibrary loan (ILL) request to have the item (e)mailed to you for free from another UC library or beyond. Learn more about how to request books or articles.

Find Publications via Subject Databases

Recommended Subject-Specific Databases:

Recommended General Databases:


Articles about music may appear in journals that are not specific to music. These articles may or may not be indexed in the music indexes. Check these databases to expand your search.

Recommended Interdisciplinary Databases