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Image Searches with Google Images

Google Image search icon






Use images to find patents and ideas:

This search technique lets you use images to identify patent and commercial designs.

  • Try a Google search for an idea, patent topic,  or commercial design of interest.

    • Limit search to images (Click “Images” under the search box)

    • For Patents – limit image type to line drawings

      • select 'Tools'  (under the search box)

      • limit to 'Line drawing'

      • limit to time period (if applicable)

  • Example search statements below:

    • Patents (to find a patent, include the word 'patent' as a search term)

      • search for: patent laser-assisted precision agriculture     

    • Idea

      • search forsensing technology (farm or agriculture)

    • Commercial Design,

      • search forlincoln agritech irrigation sensor