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Global Learning

What is Global Learning?

Use the resources on this guide to start your research on topics connected to global learning and global education.


What is Global Learning?
“Global learning helps students develop their capacity to be informed, open-minded, and responsible people, who are responsive to diverse perspectives. Global learning prepares us to address the world’s most pressing issues collaboratively, equitably and sustainably. Global learning helps students understand that pressing issues must be faced in an interdisciplinary way given the complexity of environments and competing needs and interests.”

One of the Provost’s Priorities is Global Education For All: “Committed to educating the next generation of problem solvers and change makers, UC Davis is working towards Global Education for All—a goal aiming to provide 100% of our undergraduate, graduate, and professional students with global learning opportunities that change their lives and our world.”

In particular, the Global Learning Outcomes underscore “[g]lobal learning opportunities at UC Davis, [which] focus on cultivating skills, knowledge, networks and attitudes tied to building global awareness, embracing linguistic and cultural diversity, and extending global engagement. A specific global learning opportunity may emphasize one or more outcomes.”

For more information on Global Education For all and global learning initiatives, explore UC Davis Global Affairs.