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Visible Body Suite

Create an Account

  1. While on a campus wifi network, or the UCDH or Library VPN, direct your browser to the Visible Body Suite login page
  2. Using your UC Davis email address as your username, sign up for an Account and create your account password
  3. On your mobile device, download the Visible Body app and log in with your username and password -- internet connection required
Updates & Expiration

For continued access to Visible Body Suite after 150 days, renew your account by signing in while on a campus wifi network, or the UCDH or Library VPN.

App Description

Visible Body Suite is an interactive 3D human anatomy and physiology atlas, reference and study tool. Explore general anatomy, functional units, cross sections, muscle attachments, bony landmarks, muscle actions, and more. 

Get Help

Visit the Visible Body Help Center to view introductory videos or submit a support request.

*Content created 2/8/2024