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VET 405: Veterinary Case-Based Learning

Getting Started

This guide is created for VET 405 Gastrointestinal/Metabolism course.  This guide is geared to help students quickly find the research they need to answer questions in any problem-based (PBL), case-based (CBL) or team-based (TBL) learning scenarios.   For student literature reviews on CBL assignments, focus on the foreground tab to get the most relevant primary or evidence synthesis literature.

Research steps for any PBL/CBL module

Background questions are the basics about a topic. Who, what, where, why, how and when kind of questions.  These wouldn't be references you use for a literature review, but essentially fill in gaps of personal knowledge on a topic.  You can't answer a clinical foreground question without knowing the answers to background questions.  This is your first stop learning about a topic.

Foreground questions are best answered with primary and evidence synthesis literature.  These resources are best for your literature review in class.

It is important not just to cite or quote your primary or evidence synthesis literature in a literature review, but to also critically evaluate their ability to answer your clinical question.