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UWP 101: Advanced Composition (Bright)

Information Research Framework

Be strategic about your research. Consider these questions:

Topic/Research Question

What do you already know? What do you want to investigate?


What types of information would inform your thinking?

Search Tools and the Sources they include:

Sources Search Tool
Books and book chapters UC Library Search (Advanced Search UC Davis Libraries)
General audience articles Databases (via Research Guides)
Scholarly articles Databases (via Research Guides)
Open web content Commercial search engines (e.g., Google, DuckDuckGo)

Watch these videos to learn more:


What has been published in credible sources?

Analyze & Refine

Are you finding too much or not enough information? Which search terms and platforms are most useful? Has what you have discovered from your research changed the way you are framing your question? Revision is an integral part of the research and writing process!