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Text Mining: an Introduction

Getting Started: Text Mining at UC Davis

Text mining--the application of computational analysis to textual corpora--is an increasingly popular avenue of inquiry among humanists and social scientists.  It is, however, a more than usually complex research environment as many tools require significant training and the ability to text-mine one or more licensed resources may be constrained by terms in those license agreements.

The UC Davis DataLab offers advanced support for Text Mining through workshops, office hours and consultations.  In particular, see the DataLab Services and Research Toolkits pages for details on available resources and support.

Anyone interested in developing expertise in this area is strongly encouraged to reach out to DataLab

Introductory Text Mining Resources

Here are a few self-serve options for text mining and data visualization available through the library that can serve as an introduction to this method. 

Full-Function Text Mining Resources

Listed here are text and data mining resources designed to analyze specific UCD Library licensed databases. Many additional resources are available through the UC Davis DataLab