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LDA-002: Place, Culture and Community

Print Maps in the Shields Library

Except for the USGS topographic map series, all maps in the collection are cataloged and can be found in the UC Library Search catalog.

Tips to help your search:
  • Use the Advanced Search and limit the material type to "Maps." This will retrieve all sheet maps and most atlases that meet your criteria.
  • Use the other search fields to limit your search by keywords if interested in a specific topic (e.g., soils, irrigation).
  • If you do not find what you want, broaden the search using a broader geographic subject (e.g., Yolo County instead of Davis).

Example search:

Start your search by selecting the option to search only through the UC Davis Library collections. This will limit your results to maps available through our Library rather than the other UC Campus Libraries (ex. UCLA Library).

screenshot of the UC Davis Library catalog with the UC Davis Library search filter selected


Use the Advanced Search option to limit the "Material Type" to "Maps" using the drop-down menu. This will limit your search results to only include maps rather than books, films, etc.

screenshot of the UC Davis Library catalog advanced search with the material type filter set to maps

Each print (physical) map included in your search results will have a call number listed. You will need the call number to locate the map, which will be filed in one of the drawers in our Map Room. 

screenshot of the UC Davis catalog item record for a Yolo County map with the corresponding call number displayed

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