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HDE 137 Contextual Determinants of Health

Getting Started

This guide is geared for the course to help students find peer-reviewed literature like primary and synthesis evidence (Foreground/Clinical questions) with the context of this research in text book chapters or narrative review articles (Background questions), and the current statistics for perspective.



Key Resources for HDE 137

Below is a list of resources:


Background resources: to provide context and understand the who, what, where, when and why of cultural determinants of health.


Foreground resources: to provide current primary and synthesis research to actively support ideas of what creates health disparities.


Statistics: an overview of demographic/geographical information.


For assignment 2, you will focus on the foreground resources to retrieve your peer-reviewed articles and utilize the year filters (on the left) to discover content in the last five years.  Don't forget for the articles you include, you need to summarize:

1. Name of article (provide link)

2. Discuss the purpose of the research article (what is the point in the abstract)

3.  Describe the sample population (what information about participants? - see table one, if a review - what studies were incorporated?)

4.  Discuss the research findings (in results and conclusion, what contextual/structural factors were explored)?

5.  Discuss the significance of the article to family and community health.