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A-Z Databases

Many of these databases are licensed specially for the UC Davis Library and can be accessed while you are on the UC Davis campus. Off-campus access is available to current faculty, students and staff using the library VPN or UC Davis Health VPN.


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New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
American Energy Society This link opens in a new window
Alternate Name(s) AES

Association for energy professionals that provides non-partisan energy news, insights, and professional development opportunities. Our campus subscription provides current students, faculty, and staff, access to member benefits, free of charge. Includes access to publications, all reports and white papers, podcasts, a comprehensive archive, energy ecosystem maps, and trend-spotting analytics.
New users must register for an individual account using a valid UC Davis email address.
View the AES Privacy Policy.

Alternate Name(s) Art forum
Includes news, reporting and commentary about key developments in the international art world. Features individual artists, including interviews, exhibition reviews, original art and essays. Coverage spans all forms of contemporary art, including painting, sculpture, installation, body art, video/audio art, performance art, and adjacent cultural forms, including
architecture, film, fashion, photography, and music. Contains digitized full-page, color images, with searchable text and article-level metadata.

[Coverage: 1962-2020]
ECRI Guidelines Trust This link opens in a new window
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Alternate Name(s) ECRI
Publicly available web-based repository of objective, evidence-based clinical practice guideline content. Provide physicians, nurses, other clinical specialties, and members of the healthcare community with up-to-date clinical practices to advance safe and effective patient care. Includes evidence-based guidance developed by nationally and internationally recognized medical organizations and medical specialty societies.
Gallup Analytics is a subscription-based portal that houses more than a decade of international data from more than 160 countries and areas and nearly a century of U.S. national data.
Alternate Name(s) The Leftist Papers
This collection of nearly 150 newspapers and magazines documents Communist, Socialist and Marxist thought, theory and practice. Most of the publications from the U.S. or U.K, but Europe and other parts of the world are also represented. Issues covered include workers’ rights, organized labor, labor strikes, Nazi atrocities, McCarthyism’s rise after WWII, Civil Rights, and modern-day class struggles .[Coverage 1845-2015]
{Coverage: 1939-2010]
Coverage: 1901 - 2009
This newspaper is among a group of resources that are licensed on an annual basis. Some of them will become a permanent part of the UC Davis library collections based on interest and use.
This national daily newspaper is one of the largest in India and played an essential role in the Indian independence movement.
[Coverage, 1924-2010]
Alternate Name(s) Coverage: 1865-2007.
Vet-Anatomy This link opens in a new window
Alternate Name(s) Vet Anatomy, veterinarian imaging, IMAIOS
Vet-Anatomy is a interactive atlas of veterinary anatomy based on medical imaging. A “quiz mode” is available on all modules. It provides interactive anatomy diagrams and/or medical images with detailed labeling for: dogs (radiographs, CT, MRI, endoscopy); cats (radiographs, CT); horses (MRI); cows; and laboratory mice (CT). Covers general anatomy, muscular system (myology), skeletal system (osteology), and arthrology.

To access from your mobile device:
1. While on the UC Davis network, create your free account at IMAIOS homepage (click on LOG IN / SIGN IN).
2. Download and install IMAIOS e-Anatomy on your mobile device.
3. Ensure your mobile device is using the UC Davis network (typically eduroam for mobile devices), the start IMAIOS e-Anatomy App and login using the IMAIOS username and password you created.
4. This will activate the app for two weeks. If you use the app again while on the UC Davis network within these two weeks, you'll be activated for two more weeks. If you logout or your two weeks expire, you must connect your device to the UC Davis network and login again to restore access.